Uncomfortable Conversations – Episode 3: Who Raised You? (Part One)

Uncomfortable Conversations is about getting us to sit up and pay attention to the black women around us.  Episode 3: Who Raised You? We are asking this question “Who Raised You?” because one of the things we wanted to highlight was the selfishness in the upbringing of men, that often leads to entitlement.
In our first episode, “Safe Spaces” we talked about men feeling like they can own any space they walk into, and maybe that’s even related to this too. Are enough of us sacrificial or thoughtful towards the black women in our lives? How does this affect how you enter relationships with the black women in your life? What legacy of love for ourselves do we want to leave for our black kids?”
Host: Funmilade Taiwo
Guest: Donovan McKenzie
Produced by: Funmilade Taiwo & Folarin Odunayo
Shot by: NUMOODS
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